‘Mind Matters For Education’ aims to:

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Empower and enable young people to explore and understand mental health and well-being, what it is and how it can impact on their everyday lives.

Create a safe and supportive environment for young people to express themselves creatively. 

Explore coping skills and strategies whilst signposting available support services.

Use the creative medium of Drama to explore relevant mental health issues and topics in a way that can include personal reflection or using characters to explore issues/situations.

Integrate performance as a tool to explore awareness and understanding of what Mental Health may look like.

Explore issues linked to mental health that are relevant to the children and young people and enable them to have a voice.

At Mind Matters for Education we create workshops for children and young people of all ages and can flexibly work in a number of settings such as schools, libraries and community groups. 

We run a range of Drama Workshops in Yorkshire that integrate discussion, drama activities, improvisation/role play of characters and scenarios alongside relevant and up to date mental health knowledge.


We understand the mental health challenges that young people face daily. Read our mission statement to find out more about how we support students in and around schools in Yorkshire with their mental health.


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