Meet Jack Performance and Emotions Workshop

The performance follows the story of a boy called Jack and all the emotions that he experiences in a very busy week.

The workshop then explores some of the change and emotions that the character Jack experiences in the performance. Through drama techniques we explore the physical and verbal ways to deal with and manage emotions. The children are encouraged to creatively express their ideas of how to manage emotions but are also given strategies that will help with their mental health and well-being.


Society of Super You

This project focuses on the young people creating a Superhero Version of themselves. Picking out personal positive qualities that they possess or aspirational qualities of what they would like to be like/good at.

The sessions/day looks at developing self-esteem, confidence, and ability to present/perform while exploring group skills of communication, awareness of others and feelings, awareness of self.

This work is particularly good with students who struggle with sense of self and maybe have additional needs, it is about unlocking their personal potential.


Mental Health: Understand and Manage your Mind

Mental Health: Understand and Manage your Mind
This is an ongoing current project in East Yorkshire with Yr10 students that explores in 4 sessions several general mental health and wellbeing concerns.

Let’s Talk:
This session looks at Stigmas, stats, let’s talk, let’s listen! The myths about mental health verses the facts.

Well-being/Tricks of the mind
This work looks at What does well-being/mental health mean to the students? Explore ways to manage their minds: Keeping themselves and their mind healthy.

Stress Busters
What is stress? We work with the students on a practical plan for handling stress.

This is about building confidence and self-esteem; change the way the students think/respond to situations. Building positivity and Inner Strength.


LGBTQ+ ‘Your Voice’ Project

This work is with students from the LGBTQIA+ community to explore their thoughts/opinions on what it means to be part of this community in society today. We aim to give these young people a voice and work alongside them to create some performance material that allows them to express their thoughts and opinions in a creative and safe way. 

This is a co-leadership project with the creative practitioners adapting and responding to the student’s ideas, their voice and how they want to represent it. 

Some of this work is in collaboration with the theatre company ‘Falling Stars Theatre’, so there is a very creative/acting based approach to these projects.


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    “Fantastic performance and inspirational for parents and grandparents to encourage our children to share their thoughts and worries without fear of ridicule and being dismissed. Thank you for your hard work and I hope schools welcome this performance later this year.”

    Susan Clarke About the workshop ‘Meet Jack’

    “We thought the performance was thoroughly enjoyable. We were talking afterwards about the different situation that Jack found himself in. It was really well put together with props, music, acting, and audience involvement. Loved it!”

    About the workshop ‘Meet Jack’

    “It was sooooo good! I loved the performance, so much for the children to take in and understand  that what they feel is normal (so important). The workshop was fab too. The kids loved it. My children said they loved it and wanted it to be longer! They giggled throughout and thought it was fantastic. You all should be very proud.”

    About the workshop ‘Meet Jack’

    “The ‘Meet Jack’ production was delivered to all our Year 7 students as part of the transition summer school. The performers pitched the production and workshops perfectly and were very flexible in creating a programme to suit our requirements. The performance was very engaging, enjoyable and skilfully delivered to get across some very important issues surrounding mental health. Our students are still talking about the production weeks on. We cannot recommend Mind Matters For Education enough.”

    Kelly Wilkinson from Driffield School and Sixth Form about the workshop ‘Meet Jack’

    “Meet Jack is extremely engaging and relevant. It delivers important messages through humour, audience participation, self reflection and the fantastic portrayal of the characters the production is based on. Highly recommended for Y5 – Y8 students.”

    Rob Orr from Vale of York Academy about the workshop ‘Meet Jack’